A Tuk Tuk (pronounced Took Took) is the unique name of a type of three-wheeled-taxi service that can only be found in Thailand. It’s similar to a three-wheeled motorcycle and is agile enough to maneuver the crowded streets and back alleys of Bangkok and other cities of Thailand. Commonly used by tourists and locals alike to get everyone going where they have to go, prayfully quick and certainly easy. And when turning that sharp corner at a fast clip, watch to see if one of the Tuk Tuk’s rear wheels leave the ground … which after all makes it all so exciting! If you’ve never ridden a Tuk Tuk before, be careful, negotiating a good fare takes some cunning and skill (or at least, they’d want you to think so). Our dish names reflect a typical dish that can be found on the named street, road, alley (called a “soi” in Thai) or tourist destination, with simplified “fares”.

In another word, we are ‘Tuk Tuk’ and you are coming along for the ride.